Is it true that Hand Sanitizer can be made by yourself and is it safe?

The spread of Corona virus transmission in Indonesia makes masks, supplements, antibacterial soap, and hand sanitizers expensive and rare on the market. Therefore, some people start making their own hand sanitizers at home. So, is this homemade hand sanitizer safe to use?

Hand sanitizer is an alcohol-based hand sanitizer product that can be in the form of gel or liquid. This product is used to clean hands to be clean of viruses and bacteria. Although not as effective as water and soap, hand sanitizers can be used when you have trouble finding clean water and soap to wash your hands.

Now hand sanitizers are the target of many people because of how to use them that are practical and can be used anywhere. However, the price of hand sanitizers is currently skyrocketing due to high demand.

To be more frugal, some people choose to make their own hand sanitizers. In fact, it is reported that there are those who use vodka as a substitute for hand sanitizers. In fact, the alcohol content of the drink is only 40%, which means it is not effective to expel germs.
Can Hand Sanitizers Be Made Alone?

The answer is yes, but on condition. Hand sanitizers that effectively kill germs and are safe for the skin are those that contain at least 60% alcohol and skin moisturizer. The World Health Organization (WHO) has guidance on the process of making this homemade hand sanitizer.

Even so, the manufacturing process requires measurement methods that are not easy and tools and chemicals that are not easy to find, and even tend to be unfamiliar to the ears of ordinary people. For example, you should prepare 96% ethanol or 99.8% isopropyl alcohol.

Although you can buy it at a chemical store, storing alcohol at home can be dangerous. Apart from being flammable, it is feared that alcohol can be drunk by small children because of the shape and color that is similar to water.

To ensure the cleanliness of a hand sanitizer solution, you must also prepare 3% hydrogen peroxide. This material serves to kill germs that may be present in the solution. Just like alcohol, hydrogen peroxide is also not recommended in the house, because this liquid can damage the skin when it hits the skin directly.

The process of making hand sanitizers is also not as easy as you imagine, you know. A high level of accuracy is needed when mixing ingredients to produce a hand sanitizer with the right alcohol content and is free of germs.

In addition, the money you need to buy tools and materials for making hand sanitizers is also not small. So, actually it is still better to buy a hand sanitizer whose contents have been clearly approved by the government.

If the price is too expensive, no problem. You are not required to have a hand sanitizer. Washing hands with soap and water has proven to be more effective in killing germs, you know. If you can’t find a place to wash your hands, just keep your hands from touching your face until you wash your hands.

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